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There will be NO all-club meeting this Wednesday, August 25th. We will be using this time for our first officers' meeting. Regular club meetings will start the following week September 1st. 

Club Officers have been posted! Congrats to everyone! You can find this under Club and Club Officers or click here


Improv Class Sign-Up Deadline: Friday, August 20th. Click here for more info.
Club Officer Sign-Up Deadline: Friday, August 20th. Click
here for more info.

8.16.2021 Pt. 4
Club Officer information has been posted. Click here or go to the "Club" Tab and then "Club Officers". If interested in any positions, please email kristian at by Friday, August 20th. We will present and vote at our next meeting. 

8.16.2021 Pt. 3
Improv class information posted. Click here or go to the "Club" tab and then "Improv Class".

8.16.2021 Pt. 2
New Club Meeting Time: I went through all of your votes and the consensus is to have club meetings on Wednesdays, from 3:15-4:15p. This will be our new official meeting time starting next week August 26th! These meetings start at 3:15 pm, but if a help session is needed or desired this should take priority and students can join the meeting when done.
*Please note, on 9/29 and 10/20 we will begin our meetings at 4:15p due to the improv classes.
** 9/22 and 10/27 are half days and meetings will take place right after school. 
***We will not have meetings 9/8 because of High School Retreat, 10/13 due to Fall Break, 11/24 due to Thanksgiving break, and 12/8 will be our final meeting for the semester. 

I will hand out a complete schedule with all these adjustments noted at the next meeting. 

8.16.2021 Pt. 1
Initial Club informational email sent out!
If you did not receive it, click here to download it. 

All updates and information you need throughout the year will be posted here. Check back daily for any and all updates. 
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